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DragonNewt Overview

About eight hundred years ago the College of Greater Summoning was a vast entity, seeking conquest in the name of their dark masters. The great Arch-Summoner, Serellius, the greatest of his order was planning to summon in a demon-king of awesome might. He was foiled at the last by a great alliance of men, led by Lord Pelin, and dwarves, led by Bregor, and also contributions from elves and a Nagian and her saurian ‘children’. At a battle near the summoners’ temple on the Island of Borakar, the ‘great demon’, for few will utter his name, was dispelled before he could fully form, and the Arch-Summoner Serellius was killed. The temple was damaged but not wholly destroyed. Bregor and many of Pelins Knights1, the knights visionary, and other allies died this day. Large numbers of hobgoblin allies and several demonists still lived, so the allies withdrew to their ships seeing that their job was as complete as possible.
Bregor was buried in a secret tomb in what is now present-day Arkalia, known only to a select few. Over a decade of diplomatic and military campaigns Lord Pelin united the area around along the south-western shores of the Captured Sea and founded the city of Pelinorr (“of the north”) upon the ruins of an ancient city in the Irenni League. He also managed to forge alliances with Normidia and Uthran under his leadership. A battle was fought aiding the dwarves against the cult of the Fallen Stars, near the Uthran-Cyrellian border, with an elven group with evil intent and dreams of dominion over the region, and the stalemate turned to a diplomatic solution based on respecting boundaries and trade.
About twenty years later peace has settled throughout the North. Pelin dies of natural causes some time after, and a democratic parliament is set up to govern over the Pelin Protectorates. The Protectorates were renamed to be the kingdom of Arkalia and the capital was renamed to become present-day Strathon. Arkalia becomes a small but prosperous kingdom renowned for chivalry and honour. It is based on the traditional feudal system with a strict system of titles and territories. The government of Arkalia is intertwined with the church of Barrinor and this religion is the official church of the state. Arkalia is mostly human, but enjoys a great deal of Dwarven influence in metalcraft.
Recently, the power of the Colleges of Greater Summoning and Black Magics has increased exponentially, with an equal and opposite reaction from the College of White Magics. With the source of the White Magic gone, the church officials decided to put up a facade of the power they once held. Only a select few knows about it, and as part of the oath to join the Adventurer’s Guild, members were sworn to secrecy. This is the state of affairs until about now.

Beauty is But Skin Deep

Shalis, on her quest of revenge on Dread Pirate Roberts, tracked him down to the city of Garrison. After several inquiries on his whereabouts, it was determined he had sailed out two days before she arrived. While she was in Garrison, she came across a situation.

The adventure begins as Shalis arrives at the Five Elements Inn, down in the merchant’s Quarter. Despite the Inn’s good reputation and well stocked cellar, trade is at a low ebb. Many guests have left after only one night, claiming that they have been persistently disturbed by something or somebody. Midzer, the owner of the Inn, is growing increasingly concerned over the loss of trade, and is looking for someone to find out why this is happening.

The drop in trade started a year ago – more people were staying in at night when some young girls disappeared and were never found. Trade picked up once girls stopped vanishing, but the Five Elements never seemed to attract as many people as it had before. Something about the Inn, or the neighbourhood, made the customers uneasy. Then, to add insult to injury, some six months ago, guests who were staying in the Inn complained that they were being harassed while they slept – clothes were being scattered, the beds were being moved, and curious noises could be heard. The word ‘poltergeist’ was mentioned, and business took a further downturn.

Midzer decided to sleep elsewhere after several nights of this activity, and all the residential customers left as well. The Inn is still used during the day, but once the last customer departs Midzer locks up and heads for a quieter part of the city. Midzer now wants someone to find out what is happening. He is not happy at the thought of having to pay to do so, but is willing to offer a compromise solution – whoever finds out what has been going on can stay at the Inn for one month without paying, and have a drink on the house as well!

Anysways, Midzer suggested to Shalis that she should spend the night at the Five Elements and find out what is going on in the place. He doesn’t really expect an immediate solution, just an explanation. Midzer is firmly of the opinion that he is the victim of somebody’s malice, and that this person must have had some imagined wrong done to them in the past. Midzer doesn’t really know who this person could be, because although he is always hard in his business dealings he is always fair. Midzer is also of the opinion that some of his initial troubles can be traced back to the arrival, about one year ago, of Khaana who ‘lowered the tone of the area’.

Shalis set about to solve this mystery by setting up in one of the rooms that was frequently the target of the hauntings, and sure enough, just past midnight, a ghost entered her room and attempted to make contact with Shalis. Shalis wasn’t fazed by the sudden appearance and so the ghost started to tell her story. Her name was Victoria, who was one of the unfortunate girls who disappeared about a year ago. In fact, she is the most unfortunate, because the others all died cleanly and did not become ghosts. Victoria tells her of the killlings, the illegal use of Black Magic, the wanderings of the ghost, and the truth about Khaana. Victoria is desperate to tell someone what has been done to her. She remembers how Khaana (as an old woman) hypnotised her, and then killed her with a brew of poisonous herbs. Unfortunately, she does not know why Khaana killed her, or what occurred immediately after she was dead. She is aware that some Black Magical act has taken place, and that her body played a major part in it, but she does not know what happened.

The ghost is now rather disheartened at the lack of response that she has had. Victoria does not realise that because she is a ghost she frightens those she tries to contact. She now wants only to die fully. Before she can do so she must have revenge upon Khaana the Black Magician – Victoria would prefer to use the process of law against Khaana, so that justice is seen to be done. Victoria will mention that evidence might exist in Khaana’s house, especially the cellar, which would condemn the woman as a poisoner and user of forbidden magic. Victoria also wishes to be reburied in hallowed ground. Victoria mentioned that there is a passage connecting the Inn with Khaana’s house, but not sure exactly where it is.

So Shalis gets her gear in order and heads down to the cellar of the Inn, being the most logical place to start, and after looking around, she finds the secret latch that opens a door into a long, rough-hewn corridor underground.

After exploring the tunnel, Shalis comes out into what appears to be a small, vaulted chamber that is decorated by black hangings covered in arcane symbols. Behind the hangings are two concealed doors, which can only be detected by specifically looking for them.
The room contents are equally arcane. In the centre of the room is inscribed a circle, and at each point of the compass stands a single black candle in an ornately carved candlestick. In the centre of the circle is a silver bowl and a small wooden box. In the box are two carefully wrapped parcels. One is a Hand of Glory, the other is a Dead Man’s Candle. Either of these would be sufficient evidence to convict Khaana of practising Black Magic.

Khaana then appears with four animated skeletons whom Shalis promptly dispatched and with that, Khaana flees outside and attempts to summon the local guard,


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