DragonQuest Khoras

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About eight hundred years ago the College of Greater Summoning was a vast entity, seeking conquest in the name of their dark masters. The great Arch-Summoner, Serellius, the greatest of his order was planning to summon in a demon-king of awesome might. He was foiled at the last by a great alliance of men, led by Lord Pelin, and dwarves, led by Bregor, and also contributions from elves and a Nagian and her saurian ‘children’. At a battle near the summoners’ temple on the Island of Borakar, the ‘great demon’, for few will utter his name, was dispelled before he could fully form, and the Arch-Summoner Serellius was killed. The temple was damaged but not wholly destroyed. Bregor and many of Pelins Knights1, the knights visionary, and other allies died this day. Large numbers of hobgoblin allies and several demonists still lived, so the allies withdrew to their ships seeing that their job was as complete as possible.
Bregor was buried in a secret tomb in what is now present-day Arkalia, known only to a select few. Over a decade of diplomatic and military campaigns Lord Pelin united the area around along the south-western shores of the Captured Sea and founded the city of Pelinorr (“of the north”) upon the ruins of an ancient city in the Irenni League. He also managed to forge alliances with Normidia and Uthran under his leadership. A battle was fought aiding the dwarves against the cult of the Fallen Stars, near the Uthran-Cyrellian border, with an elven group with evil intent and dreams of dominion over the region, and the stalemate turned to a diplomatic solution based on respecting boundaries and trade.
About twenty years later peace has settled throughout the North. Pelin dies of natural causes some time after, and a democratic parliament is set up to govern over the Pelin Protectorates. The Protectorates were renamed to be the kingdom of Arkalia and the capital was renamed to become present-day Strathon. Arkalia becomes a small but prosperous kingdom renowned for chivalry and honour. It is based on the traditional feudal system with a strict system of titles and territories. The government of Arkalia is intertwined with the church of Barrinor and this religion is the official church of the state. Arkalia is mostly human, but enjoys a great deal of Dwarven influence in metalcraft.
Recently, the power of the Colleges of Greater Summoning and Black Magics has increased exponentially, with an equal and opposite reaction from the College of White Magics. With the source of the White Magic gone, the church officials decided to put up a facade of the power they once held. Only a select few knows about it, and as part of the oath to join the Adventurer’s Guild, members were sworn to secrecy. This is the state of affairs until about now.

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